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Wireless light switches are the new form of technology and allows you to turn your lights on or off from anywhere in your house. It is a convenient technology that is taking on homes by storm! If you want to get in on this impressive feature, be sure to visit our online wireless light switches store in order to find the best product on the market for you. You can access our store through the Buy Wireless Light Switches tab at the top of the page.

Wireless light switches are a relatively new technology and difficult to find in stores. If you can come across one, there usually is only one or two choices to pick from at the same price. Our online store gives you a whole assortment of options with various features, designs, and price ranges. Customers can use our store to compare the different products and examine what will best work for them.

You can find wireless light switches for indoor or outdoor uses. Some come with voice command while others have a traditional remote control. You can even find one that is solar powered and doesn’t even require batteries! There are also light switches available for appliances, making life easier.

Customers enjoy using the descriptions of each product to see what will best meet their needs. Each option comes with a photo as well so you can clearly see what you are purchasing. Once you decide to buy a product, your order will be processed safely and securely. After it is processed, your order will be shipped immediately to your house so you can enjoy everything that a wireless light switch has to offer.

Click here to visit our store. Here we offer you the best wireless light switches!

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Installing Wireless Light Switches on Your Own

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If you are tired of groping for pull chains in the dark, it is time to consider installing wireless light switches. This is because these switches allow you to control lights using nothing more than the energy generated by a fingertip push.

Wireless light switches can save you a lot of hassle. One option would be using a screw-in radio receiver that installs between the porcelain fixture and the bulb. You can find this at merely any home center and online site. The battery-powered switch mounts on any wall. Even though it is inexpensive, it is not very attractive. Not to mention that it only powers a 60-watt incandescent bulb.


If you plan on installing an enclosed fixture or don’t want to trouble yourself with dead batteries, you can buy a self-powered wireless switch kit, which you can easily find online, as well. The switch never needs batteries, as it sends a wireless coded command to the relay mounted inside the ceiling electrical box. You can place the wall switch anywhere on the wall as long as it’s within 100 ft of the receiver/relay. You don’t even need a switch box!

Before you start installing the receiver/relay, turn the power off. Connect the relay to the fixture and the house wiring (as seen in the picture below), then turn the power back on and follow the receiver/relay programming instructions. Test the light switch, turn off the power one last time so you can safely tuck the receiver/relay into the electrical box, and then finish the installation.

Here are the required tools and materials you need to install wireless light switches on your own:

  • cordless drill
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • non-contact voltage tester
  • wire stripper/cutter
  • wireless switch and receiver kit
  • wire nuts
  • plastic remodeling box

Now here are the steps you need to follow, with attached explanatory pictures:
1. Install the receiver

  • Disconnect the black and white wires from the porcelain fixture, while the power is off.
  • Connect them to the receiver/relay black and white wires.
  • Connect the red and white wires from the relay to the fixture.

2. Use a plastic box

  • If your pull chain fixture is mounted on a metal box, the receiver won’t work because the metal will shield the radio signal.
  • You can either replace the box with a plastic one or mount a plastic remodeling box near it.

3. Close up

  • The wireless switch doesn’t need a switch box, and can be mounted almost anywhere.
  • Just remember to install the switch within 100 ft of the receiver or relay.

As you can see, installing wireless light switches is easier than you might have thought. This process will not take up much of your time and you don’t need to be a handyman to complete it.

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The Use of Wireless Light Switchers

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Using wireless light switchers at home can be an extremely good idea. They suppose a lot of benefits that anyone can easily enjoy. Even though really anyone can use wireless light switchers at home, you should know that there are some common uses for these great products. The most important ones are listed below.

1. Remodeling

Wireless light switchers are perfect when you are willing to transform your house into a smart home. Remote control light switchers are a must have to increase your comfort and to offer you complete control over the lighting system. With wireless remote control light switchers you will enjoy a unique flexibility and freedom.


2. Easy use by people with health problems

Wireless light switchers are easier to use by people experiencing some health issues that make getting off bed a real difficulty. People with walking difficulties may also need wireless light switchers to be able to control the lighting system. Remote light switchers are small electrical controllers that will help you get comfortable control over all the appliances and devices in your home.


3. Families with children

Families with children should definitely change the lighting system into their homes by replacing it with a wireless one. Wireless light systems are simpler to use, being extremely safe, as well. With wireless light switchers, your children will no longer have to climb ladders, sofas, stools or stand on boxes to be able to turn on the lights. Turning on and off the lights will be as simple as pressing a button on a remote control.


As you can see, wireless light switchers can be used with a wide range of purposes. They have numerous benefits, so there is no wonder after all that they are among the top preferences of people from all over the world. Some of the main benefits that are worth to be mentioned include easy and comfortable use, simple installation, as well as a high level of safety. Wireless light switchers can easily be used by anyone who is willing to enjoy the highest level of comfort at home. Your home is the one place in the world in which you should be able to relax and enjoy a high quality time. Make sure to create the perfect environment for all that.

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Wireless Light Switches – Main Benefits

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Going wireless is without a doubt a great idea. Many people use wireless computers, printing systems and actually all type of highly technology advanced devices. Wireless devices can help you forget all about the trouble of having to store and arrange constantly many wires in your home. Choosing wireless light switches is a simple evolution, while the benefits are quite impressive.

Below are listed some of the most important ones.

1. Easy use

With a wireless lighting control system in your home, you will be able to easily turn off the lights, with no need to fill your home with wires. You will never have to get off your bed or leave the room to control the lighting system in your home. As wireless light switches are based on remote control technology, you can control the lights in all rooms of your home.


2. Simple replacement

One of the best things about wireless lighting systems is that they are simple to replace. In case the system breaks or you simply want to replace it for home design, you will be able to easily achieve your purpose. Since there will be no wires around the house, or even worse in the walls, making such a change will be easier than what you think. As no communication wiring is required, wireless light switches are also simple to install. 

3. Lower costs

A wireless lighting system is less expensive than a traditional wired one. Wires usually cost a lot of money and for a home lighting system you will definitely need a lot of wires. The total cost of a wired lighting system will be much higher than the one of a wireless switcher. With wireless light switches you may be able to save energy, too. As you will easily control the lighting system, you can adapt it to your individual needs.


4. Safety

Wireless light switches are also very safe to use devices. There will be no dangerous wires in your home, so no risks for you. Wireless lighting systems have no wires and no batteries, so they require no maintenance. All wireless light switches operate on a weak radio signal, so they will not interfere with other devices, including medical machines.

5. Environmental friendly

Wireless light switches are not only cost-effective, but they are also devices that will help you go green. These lighting systems use fewer materials, so they consume less natural resources. They contain no batteries, so they produce no disposal of toxics. Wireless light switches use virtually no energy. They also eliminate the need for PVC use to make wires.


Having under consideration the numerous advantages that wireless light switches offer, there is no wonder that so many people use them. Their popularity has much increased in the past few years, thanks to their advanced technology.

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Types Of Wireless Light Switches Suitable For Homes And For Offices

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Wireless light switches are simple adjustments that you can include in your home or in the office that you run. Although the technology in these devices is not new, many people have not tried it yet and do not know how much it can improve a space. The fact is that through these simple switches, you can gain a lot of advantages. Therefore, you should take action and replace the old classic switches with modern wireless ones. There are several model options that you can choose for the wireless light switches, which also come in a variety of colors, so that you can include them in the general design of the room without difficulty.

1. Rocker Switch -- provides you with two possibilities: a single rocker or a dual rocker. The choice depends on the amount of separate light sources on the same structure that you have in a room.

Single Rocker

Double Rocker

2. European Rocker -- is a wider variant of the Rocker switch, which is more preferred in offices, due to the fact that it is more rigid in design. However, these Single or Double Rockers are also perfect for homes, for all types of rooms and hallways.

Single European Rocker

Double European Rocker

3. Gang Switch -- can be selected in the form of 1-Gang, 2-Gang or of a 3-Gang. These are perfect for rooms which have more light structures or for making a hallway light point.

Gang Switches

4. Handled Remote -- combines wireless technology best in one simple device for light switching. It is suitable for larger homes and office spaces, which require a lot of sources to be lighted at the same time.

Handled Remote

There are many options on the market for wireless light switches, as they had to combine modern technology with all the structures that were available for classic light switches. Keep in mind that these come in various colors and that you can even find a great variety of plastic frame designs for these wireless light switches, with which you can make sure that they are integrated into the general design of the room.

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More Usages For Wireless Light Switches In Your Home

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Many people have the tendency to believe that wireless light switches only refer to usage connected to lighting in the house. However, there are many more appliances in the home that can be controlled with the help of the wireless light switches than you think. All these usages can bring a lot of benefits for the inhabitants of a house, due to the fact that they make things a lot easier and more comfortable. You can use them for: lights, fans, blinds, motors, lamps, security systems, HVAC systems and any other device in your home that requires an on/off switch type.


The main benefits that are brought to you through the usage of the wireless light switches come from the technology that is used in them. The fact that they are wireless does not only mean that they do not have cables, but also that they do not have batteries. Therefore, you will not have to take the hassle of making the wires go through the walls or even of finding that the batteries have run out, as these systems are self-sufficient and receive all the power they need in a simpler way. They actually covert the energy from a press of the switch into usable electricity. 


Most of the producers of such wireless light switches can insure the high quality of their product and its reliability, in the sense that these are modern devices that use state-of-the-art technology and which have been developed in the proper way and suitably tested before hitting the market. The long range of the switches and the ability to control even more devices makes these systems mandatory for all types of houses, but especially for the ones in which the owners wish to have modern devices, that contribute to the home feeling and to its comfort. 


Some other advantages, which come with the usage of the wireless light switches, are connected to the fact that these are very easy to install, since there is no need for major wall work. The reliability of the switches usually covers over 20 years, as this is a modern and simple system. More to this, it is highly beneficial for the environment, meaning that this will be another way through which you can have your green home. The wireless light switches can be installed anywhere depending on what you want to control and are usually EnOcean compatible.

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Companies Should Have Wireless Light Switches

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Companies should have wireless light switches. The main reason for this is based on the fact that this is one of the modern technological improvements that anyone should take advantage of. The usage of such a system can bring a lot of benefits for the company in general from a variety of points of view. The system is easy to install, which means that you will not have to waste a lot of time and to have the company not working due to the fact that there is work in progress done throughout the building in order to change the switches. If you are looking to make as many modern improvements to your office building, than this is one that you must not miss.

The main benefits that surface from the usage of the wireless system for light switches is connected to the way in which this is set. Due to the fact that it is wireless, you can imagine that there will be no wires. Therefore, the change will not last long as the switches can be installed and connected to the light sources immediately, without having to take wires through the walls. From this, another benefit surfaces in the fact that you will be saving a lot of time on the installation. More to this, you will also be saving money, due to the fact that you do not have to pay for the extra wires through which the connections are made. As a finality of the whole process, you can be proud of the fact that you will have one of the most modern systems in your company and that you can benefit from it in many ways. You can also make this into an example and can help people, working for you or with you, have the system installed in their home as well or in one of the offices of your partners. 

The wireless light switches are perfect for the society we live in today and for the modern advancements of technology. You may think that the wireless light switches are too small for everyone to notice the fact that they are an improvement in terms of what you can do for the company. However, you have to think of the situation in the sense that, even in the smallest elements, your company is the beneficiary of state-of-the-art equipments and devices and you should be very proud of that. 

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Choose Wireless Light Switches To Remodel Your Home

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There is no way you have not been bothered by the many wires placed all around your home. They are absolutely everywhere as you need light sources all around the house. If you plan on remodeling your home and you want to get rid of all cables and wires, choose wireless light switches. These kind of switches are perfect for remodeling situations and in fact whenever you plan on increasing your comfort at home. With such switches, remodeling your home will become simple and fast, too. The entire family can enjoy the many advantages that these systems suppose, so there is really no reason why you should not use them, too.

These switches will not be connected through internal wiring, but actually they will be operated wireless, which means that you will be able to turn them off and on without having to get up. When it comes to functionality, these technology advanced systems are not much different from traditional light switches. The comfort will be amazing, while your home will look great. When you have young children, you constantly worry that they might start playing with wires, which can be really dangerous. With these products, there is nothing to worry about. The devices can easily be controlled with the use of a remote. So, you will never find yourself in the situation of having to get up from your bed to turn on and off the lights constantly. From this point of view, these switches are perfect for elderly people, too.

Wireless light switches are simple to install, very affordable, but they also are amazingly stylish. This means that you can find them on numerous models and colors, to match the design of all your rooms perfectly. When using these switches you will be able to enjoy a unique comfort, easy use and great style. In fact, they are considered to be the best solution to convenient living. Everyone can take advantage of their use, as they can be operated easily. You can now improve your home with modern devices, which will be really safe. With their use you can let your children play as much as they want, with no need to watch them constantly. And most of all you can remodel you home easily, without having to place cables all around the house. To avoid all that you will never have to destroy your walls to place the cables, as you can easily use these wireless devices.

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The Best For Busy Moms Are The Wireless Light Switches

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When you become a mom for the first time, the whole world starts turning around your baby, but when you become a mom for the second time, you have to learn to juggle all your tasks while taking care of the kids in the same time. Taking care of a baby is exhausting and when there is also a toddler in the picture, things tend to become crazy in the household. The newborn needs his mother 24/7 and the toddler has so much energy that even watching it is exhausting. If you want to survive the first years of your children, you need to manage your time much better than before having them and find all the possible things and methods that could make your life easier. Forget cooking complex recipes for example. Think about something you can do fast and that is also healthy and good for all the family. Stop your toddler’s play with the lights by installing wireless light switches. Buy all the kitchen and home accessories you need and dedicate most of the time to your children.

If you will not do this, you will feel guilty at some point and you will not manage to get over the baby blues quickly. A very annoying thing is the obsession toddlers have for playing with the switches. Install some wireless switches and take control over the light. Use remotes in all the house and keep them on high shelves or with you, to make sure you can manage the light yourself however you want to. For a busy mom like you are, having control of the situation all the time is mandatory.

Rather than stress yourself with the house keeping, take all the help you can. Now, there are many gadgets that could make your life easier and that you could use to make sure you have everything under control. Wireless light switches are just an example. Take advantage of the technology and delegate your tasks as much as you can, because your main concern will surely be your kids and you should have an eye on them all the time. After the birth of the baby, you will need at least a couple of months to get accustomed with such a busy schedule, but if you will handle it right, you will have a great time even while staying home with your kids.

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Wireless Light Switches For Different Problems

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When you have a baby, it’s very difficult. You have a lot of things to do and when it’s bed time, the light may be a problem. As you hold the child in your arms, but want to turn off the light for a better sleep for your baby, he usually wakes up and starts crying. With wireless light switches, this will not be a problem. Wireless light switches incorporate the latest technology and it’s very easy to use them. Regarding the installing, don’t worry. Wireless light switches installing process, doesn’t destroy the architecture of your house. Plus, wireless light switches are great both for indoor and outdoor. These amazing devices have voice control or a remote that can be easily used. You don’t have to get up and go to turn off the light. You can do the same thing from your bed by just pushing a small button or swaying a word.

Wireless light switches are extremely advanced and what a few years ago seemed impossible, nowadays, is reality and you can have these objects right in your home. Wireless light switches are also very useful for older people who can’t move so much or are sick, being very difficult for them to get up and turn on or off the light. Technology makes our lives easier, increasing the level of comfort and wireless light switches are one of those devices which can do that.

Wireless light switches are found on the Internet. The variety is wide and there are so many models for different purposes. Clients should not forget to read carefully the reviews of the wireless light switches to ensure the product they want to choose is cost effective. Wireless light switches come in several sizes, so customers can choose what they need. With a few clicks, they will order incredible and advanced devices for their home. The order will be soon delivered and they can start to enjoy the benefits of the wireless light switches. Discounts are also available on the Internet, so clients will save money and buy amazing products.

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Wireless Light Switches – A Modern Upgrade

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Homeowners are always looking for ways in which they could upgrade their homes and increase their own comfort. If you are one of them, known that wireless light switches can now help you with that. Wireless light switches are self-powered light switches which have no wires, therefore will save you from the trouble of dealing with the wiring process. Whether you do not want on-sight anesthetic wires in your home or you simply cannot connect a lightning device to wires, using wireless light switches is a great alternative. Wiring your lights without wires sounds pretty awesome, right?

Since wireless light switches have been invented, you no longer have to have a light switch in order to turn on and off a light which is physically connected to the light. With wireless light switches, you will be given a remote which you can use to turn the light on and off from wherever you are. No more getting out of your cozy bed to hit the light switch. Clearly, wireless light switches will significantly improve your comfort. Wireless light switches are also used in log homes, where electrical installations can be difficult due to the large amount of routing and drilling needed otherwise. Moreover, if you are renovating, wireless light switches can save you the trouble of tearing down a wall in order to gain access to the wires. You could use wireless light switches instead and make remodeling a very simple and fast process.

Wireless light switches will turn themselves on and off without you having to go to the light fixture in order to interrupt the power line. Not only are wireless light switches used inside homes, but also in the outdoors, in people’s yards and gardens. As you can see, wireless light switches are very beneficial for every homeowner who wants to make a great improvement. Wireless light switches therefore represent a modern upgrade. Not to mention that since the Internet is at the tip of your fingers, you could shop for wireless light switches online and have them installed wherever you want to, as long they are within range of the receiver.

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